Welcome to Caravan Creations

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2 New Leather maks are now available for sale!

See our new 2nd century BCE Roman "Serpent Fibula" on our Lampwork - Ancient Reproductions page!

Welcome to Caravan Creations.

Here you will find an eclectic mix of arts both old and new. Our art and crafts feature designs taken from the pages of history through the modern eras. We hope you will find many delights, both practical and fanciful. We have ready to purchase and customizable items in a wide range of cultures and times periods, from history to fantasy and beyond.

So, come, browse around. We hope you find something you’ll like!

For the historical re-enactor – you will find well researched replicas from many cultures and time periods.

For the modern patron – we have a variety of lovely things from the past, present and future.

Oooh – Shiny!

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