About Us

Caravan Creations is the collaboration of artists Chris and Denise Lemke. We are both historical reenactor’s with the Society for Creative Anachronism. We study ancient arts and recreate art from antiquity. Our person’s are ancient travelers.

We camp in a “tinker” wagon or “caravan”. When the time came to decide on a name for a business that would encompass both our talents, the wagon was a good focal point in our lives. It takes us on our journey forward into the past. Some of what we do was simply a hobby and a way to relax. Some was serious study.

Frequently we’ve been asked, “Is that for sale?” “Can I order one?” “Do you have a website?” So we decided to create a small business to expand our hobbies and love of history and answer all those questions and showcase some of our talents.

We are self representing artists. We take special care to research historical pieces and re-create them. Since historical designs and methods carry through to today’s world, we also offer modern, fantasy and futuristic items perfect for collecting or gift giving. We hope you will enjoy our arts and crafts as much as we enjoy creating them.

About the Artists


Christopher Lemke AKA Æiric Ørvender

Chris is a classically trained Illustrator with an Associate in Arts from Illinois Valley Community College, A BFA from Illinois State University and an Associate of Computer Graphic Arts from Louisville Technical Institute. He has been a contract Graphic Artist for over 10 years working for both the Military and Civilian businesses.

He is a member of the Society for Creative Anachronism and specializes in recreating a persona from 1st Century Britain. His special interests in the SCA are armor creation and replicas of historical leather works. Custom pieces have been created to hide modern tools and equipment such as cell phones to help keep the reenactment experience historically accurate without showing an obviously out of place item.

He has recently taught himself the Bob Ross method of “wet on wet” oil painting and enjoys creating pieces both small and large. Miniature ships in bottles are also a favorite way for him to relax.

Denise Tinker Lemke AKA Keely the Tinker

Denise, or “Tinker”, as she is fairly well known, is a lampwork bead artist. Melting glass and creating beads is a relaxing pastime. She is also a member of the Society for Creative Anachronism and her specialty is the history of lampwork beads and odd and unusual small glass finds from antiquity.

She has even experimented with open fire bead making, as it was done thousands of years ago, instead of with a modern torch. She is mostly self taught and continues to learn and attempt to master techniques both ancient and modern.

She frequently teaches about bead history at SCA events and demonstrates ancient forms of glass bead creation. She loves to talk about her craft and its history – so be careful – she may talk your ears off!


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