The Bottled Shipyard

Bring the joy of this venerable craft of the sea home with one of our specialty pieces of art in a bottle. All creations are handcrafted in exquisite detail. Ships from all the eras of sail are captured in miniature under glass. These make unique and one of a kind gifts for all ages.

A 1780's Era Armed Sloop from lake Champlain.

Set within a simple 'dresser bottle', a Armed Sloop of the 1780's sails on her patrol of Lake Champlain.

The bottle body measures 4.5 by 3.5 inchs overall. The ship within is 1.5 inches at the beam (2.25 if you include the bowsprit) and two inches tall.

-How to order-

Set within a square whisky bottle, a Norse "Dragonship" sails with shields on display.

The bottle body measures10 inches square and 14 inches long overall. The ship within is six inches at the beam and three inches tall. -Sold-

The Battle of Hampton Roads

The first meeting of the modern Ironclads. The USS Monitor faces off against the CSA Virgina off the shores of Hampton Roads Virgina.

Bult in a standard wine bottlethe disply measures just over twelve inches long. -Sold-

AKA-112 USS Tulare

Built to commemorate my fatherís service during the Viet Nam war, the USS Tulare was a Tulare class attack cargo ship in the United States Navy.

My father piloted a LCM-3 (KA112-3) which has been depicted in the glass bottle stopper. The bottle and display measures twelve inches long and 6 inches high.. -Given as a gift from a proud son-



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