Leatherwork - Custom Leather.

Encompassing anything from holsters, Steampunk accessories, my custom work is all highly individual, created with complete input from the customer to meet their needs.

All custom work pricing depends on the size and complexity of the project. Please contact me for more information on my custom work.

Listed below are some of my recent custom items.

Contact us for prices on custom work.

Viking era knife sheath with custom tooling.

Detail if the viking era knife sheath with custom tooling

Custom sword sheath and belt

16th Century inspired rapier hanger with filigree-styled cutwork over a red satin lining.

Viking inspired leather scroll case sized to fit a modern water bottle.

The tooling depicts Thor fishing for the Midguard Serpent.

Leather belt case to carry a brass sundial

Spur Leathers, designed to fit 'stud' spurs, and endlessly customizable.

Custom belt and “old-school” shoulder holster designed to fit a 1911 Government Model .45 with a 5 inch barrel.


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