Lampworking - Modern Designs.

Although I focus my research and production on ancient beads, I do play with modern glass and designs as well!

Most beads here can be done in your choice of colors and designs. Specialty color combinations can be used to make sports team colors, or to match favorite color combos.

Seasonal specialties are in development - More will be added soon!

Sets: Bumpy $20.00 per set.
Single Bumpy Beads $5.00 each.
Ice Cream!

Any Flavor.
$8.00 Each
Star Beads $15.00 each.

$7.00 Each
Laurel Leaves

$2.00 Each
Bead Pens $40.00 each.

Memory Beads

To remember a beloved pet or a family member who has passed on.

Cremains are the ashes of a pet or human who has been cremated after passing on. To keep a loved on with you, the ashes can be incorporated into a bead. The ashes can be mixed with molten glass and encased completely so they cannot be seen or they may be swirled on the surface and encased to create a starry design.

A tablespoon of ashes are all that is needed. They are treated gingerly and with the utmost respect.

Unused portion returned to owner.

Memory Beads


My beloved Cassanova


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