Leatherwork - Leather Masks.

My latest edition to my leatherworking: water formed masks.

In use for centuries these masks are perfect for Halloween, Mardi Gras, Masquerade, Theatre, Historical Reenactments and Magickal Ceremonies.

Each mask is handmade, formed, and painted: so no two masks will ever be the same, each an individual wearable piece of art.

All masks are formed on a unisex mold to fit the widest range of sizes.

Keep checking back to see the new mask designs!

Custom designs and colors are available and will require an estimate.


Our latest leather mask depicting The Egyptian Goddess Bast.
Available now for sale!

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Autumn Fire

Our Latest leather mask. A Green Man, corlored for the Autumn Festivals!

Keep coming back to see more of our Green Man serice (coming soon!).

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Hand molded in a single piece this mask was my first foray into water-molded mask making.

Colored to invoke the wild spirit of fire this is a wonderful festival mask.

These are also very easily customized with your choice of colors.

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Italian Festival

This mask is based on the designs and style of 16th Century Italian Festival masks.

Perfect for a night out at Carnevale di Venezia with the courtiers!

These are also very easily customized with your choice of colors.

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