Leatherwork - Pouches, Bags, & Cases.

Unlike mass produced, factory made, leather goods, each item that you order from Caravan Creations is artisan designed and crafted, and in the instance of our reproduction pieces researched and reproduced to closely match the item from antiquity. Most of our goods are made when you order them -- made just for you, with you personally in mind. They are skillfully created in Vine Grove, KY, USA.

Old world craftsmanship continues with the items you will find here. Custom orders are accepted with your choice of colors and dyes.

Roman Loculus

A leather satchels that were carried by Roman legionaries, as a part of their sarcina or luggage.

With none surviving in their entirety this case was developed from writings on leather finds from Bar Hill in Scotland and research done on Trajan’s Column.

These cases measure 18 by 12 inches, and are finished with a natural oil finish.

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Comacchio Bag

This case is researched and constructed from a nearly complete find of a Roman era shipwreck near Comacchio on the coast of Italy.

These cases measure 12 by 11.5 by 2.75 inches, and are finished with a natural oil finish, or a simple color stain.

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Quill Case

These small cases were found in Dordrecht, a small case strung together with a thong and often worn on the girdle.

My ‘modern’ cases are made to fit ball point pens or sharpie type markers… they can also be custom made to fit your own favorite quill.

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The Chieftain’s Pouch

This interesting pouch is recreated from the measurements and line drawings found in the book “The Mound People: Danish Bronze-Age Man Preserved” by P.V. Glob.

This Bronze Age pouch found in the burial mound of a chieftain and shaman, this pouch sports an ancient ‘zipper’ enclosure.

These pouches measure 6 by 4 inches with a hand hammered brass closing pin. These pouches are finished in a natural oil finish with color dyed accents.

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Wax Tablet Case

TDating from the 1st through to the 15th centuries these cases were molded to fit books of hours or wax tablets and secured by small leather thongs to a girdle.

These cases are designed to hide modern smart phones…which oddly enough are the same size as many ancient wax tablets.

Tooled designs can be custom ordered, or the case can be made with a simple pattern design.

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